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Corrugated boxes

We have over 1400 box sizes in stock to meet your needs.

We also provide custom corrugated manufactured to your specifications.

All box dimensions are based on “inside dimensions” identified as Length x Width x Depth.

RSC = regular slotted container    top and bottom flaps meet in the middle

HSC = half slotted container  bottom flaps meet in the middle – no flaps on top.

FOL= full overlap (flaps) container

Die cut corrugated literature mailers available in kraft or white.

White corrugated carrying cases with plastic handles.

Multi-depth boxes= multiple body scores to fit your needs.

We have single wall, double wall and triple wall boxes as well as sheets/pads available to meet your requirements.

Bulk Cargo Containers available in Gaylords, Octagon, telescoping HSC’s .

D container = bottom tray, two panel sides, and a lid. Includes a pallet.

EH, EO and E containers are commonly used for air freight shipments.

Moving boxes = ward robe boxes, dish pack boxes plus more.

Corrugated totes and storage/file boxes in many sizes.

Computer boxes, CD mailers, counter displays, floor displays.

Side loading boxes = these boxes open along the ends with full overlap flaps for extra protection.

V3c and W5c = military tough, weather resistant. Made with water resistant adhesive (WRA).

Insulated shipping kits and box liners available as well.  We also have Ice-Brix cold packs and refreezable cold bricks.

Suspension and Retention packaging systems in stock.

Call us to find the perfect box for your application.


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