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Please contact 515-393-2134 to speak with an expert for all orders


LETSPACKAGE.COM is in the packaging consulting and distribution business to make your life easier.

ORDERHEREWe are committed to providing you with convenient, choice products that meet your requirements.

Focus on what you do best and let us supply the rest.

From custom solutions to in stock solutions, we offer over 18,000 products from well known and respected brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Rubbermaid, Kimberly Clark, Sharpie, Marsh, Velcro and many more.

We also offer custom corrugated boxes as well as consulting services.

Custom printed tape is now available.  What a great way to brand your product.  Made in the USA.  Call for details.

Let us design a preventative maintenance program for you.

Small orders deliver via UPS while larger orders ship via common carrier

We are your single source for packaging, shipping and industrial supplies.

Thank you for visiting.

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